Permanent Staffing

Our success in permanent IT recruiting is based directly on our ability to understand the long-term aspects of the position we are recruiting for. It is this innate ability to comprehend the technical skills of the candidates, balanced by the “soft skills” required to successfully fit into the corporate culture, that exemplifies our service.

Contract Staffing

Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Many companies have come to realize that there is a necessary balance between full-time in-house staff and the use of part-time contractors. Using part-time contractors for short-term assignments can reduce costs and maximize results.

Offshore Services

We also offer Indian offshore software development services. Our developers can be integrated into your team or we can tackle entire projects at a very competitive fixed cost.


W5 covers all the bases. With over 20 years in the IT business, we have developed an extensive talent pool of over 20,000 IT professionals – plus access to thousands of other candidates.


Candidates are contacted to determine their suitability for the position, availability, and remuneration expectations. Candidates meeting our stringent criteria are invited in for an interview.

The Personal Interview

The interview process is used to validate the candidate’s education, technical training, experience and “soft skills” including attitude, leadership and communication skills. All candidates are required to complete a technical assessment.

Reference Check

Comprehensive, professional references are obtained and provided.

Our Guarantee

If the candidate’s employment is terminated for any reason whatsoever during the first 6 months you are covered under W5’s comprehensive guarantee.