Specialized W5 Applied Technology Team

Our highly effective teams of IT professionals can be assembled quickly to respond to short lead-time assignments in as little as one day. Being an IT manager in today's environment isn't easy. Even if you have years of experience, you face brand new challenges. Do any of these following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Small, yet urgent, user change is required and must be completed to allow the users to continue their work. What are your options when you no longer have the resources familiar with that technology to implement that change?
  • Requested changes that require a scheduled completion date. How do you commit to a completion date when qualified resources are no longer at your immediate disposal?
  • General maintenance is required, however technology has moved on. What are your options when your team is unable to work effectively with non-current technology?
  • Management has approved maintenance. Hire outside help if you must. Where do you find a consulting firm or independent contractors willing to not only perform this role, but to commit to such a short-term project?
  • You need to rebuild this application with more current development tools. What level of priority is attached to this task? Can you keep it going?
Now you can find solutions to these problems with peace of mind when you engage the services of W5. Increase productivity, align your team, and achieve your goals. We are the specialists that provide short-term, scheduled, or ondemand services. Our business model effectively responds to small, or short lead-time assignments.
  • One day
  • One week
  • One month
Many managers rely on W5 SWAT Teams for answers to difficult management problems
The W5 solution

  • Conquer the chaos - Discover new strategies for balancing supply and demand.
  • Manage employees more effectively - They will know that if W5 is addressing these situations, they won't have to.
  • Increase productivity - Make management and users excited about your ability to have a timely answer for them. Achieve your corporate and departmental service level agreements.