W5 Staffing, Inc.
Code of Ethics
  • To serve clients faithfully and with professional responsibility.
  • To respect confidential information obtained from clients and candidates.
  • To give clients complete and accurate information on a candidate's personal record.
  • To treat candidates objectively, responsibly, confidentially and without prejudice.
  • To extend professional service to all qualified candidates regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, income level, physical handicap or marital status.
  • To give candidates information on opportunities and terms of employment which accurately represent the description provided by the client.
  • Not to solicit a candidate who is currently employed at a client with whom W5 conducts business.
  • To refrain from conduct, practices, or statements likely to discredit or otherwise injure clients, candidates or fellow members.
  • Not to submit a resume prior to receiving a candidate's approval.
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